ALEX JANVIER- Tsą tsą ke k’e

Tsą tsą ke k’e – “Iron Foot Place” – © Alex Janvier 2016, 45-foot diameter circle mosaic, Byzantine glass smalti, Ford Hall, Rogers Place Arena, Edmonton, AB

Mosaika worked with Canadian indigenous artist Alex Janvier to fabricate a 1500 square foot mosaic using tumbled and un-tumbled smalti glass for Edmonton’s new Rogers Place Arena.

Alex Janvier Rogers Place




Alex Janvier Rogers Place detail

A behind the scene’s look at the making of Alex Janvier’s intricate and expansive floor mosaic for Edmonton’s new Rogers Place Stadium:

tsa tsa ke k’e from MOSAIKA on Vimeo:


Can we come see the Alex janvier in the Centre today, December 27…. Early afternoon?
Phone text.

When I saw the Alex Javier exhibit in Ottawa, I fell in love with his art and colour and form. My bucket list includes a trip to Edmonton to see the mosaic at Roger’s Place , in person. It is breathtaking.

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