ALEX JANVIER- Tsą tsą ke k’e

Tsą tsą ke k’e – “Iron Foot Place” – © Alex Janvier 2016, 45-foot diameter circle mosaic, Byzantine glass smalti, Ford Hall, Rogers Place Arena, Edmonton, AB

Mosaika worked with Canadian indigenous artist Alex Janvier to fabricate a 1500 square foot mosaic using tumbled and un-tumbled smalti glass for Edmonton’s new Rogers Place Arena.

Alex Janvier Rogers Place




Alex Janvier Rogers Place detail

A behind the scene’s look at the making of Alex Janvier’s intricate and expansive floor mosaic for Edmonton’s new Rogers Place Stadium:

tsa tsa ke k’e from MOSAIKA on Vimeo:


Alex Janvier is my favourite artist – bar none. Something about the vibrancy, the curves really speak to me.

Mosaika team – you did amazing and fabulous work to render this into Roger’s Place. Truly breathtaking

Can we come see the Alex janvier in the Centre today, December 27…. Early afternoon?
Phone text.

When I saw the Alex Javier exhibit in Ottawa, I fell in love with his art and colour and form. My bucket list includes a trip to Edmonton to see the mosaic at Roger’s Place , in person. It is breathtaking.

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