Sea City Spin © David Storey 2018, 14 mosaics in smalti glass, NYCT 20th Avenue Station, Brooklyn NY

Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design

Photo credit: Jeffrey Sturges


In David Storey’s artwork, “Sea City Spin,” visual landscapes of movement come to life at the 20th Ave Station.

Storey created a series of paintings utilizing abstracted patterns and imagery that distill the essence of the distinctive attributes and qualities of the experience of riding the Sea Beach Line in Brooklyn.

Storey was inspired by the constant sequence of changes seen in the view from the subway, as well as from the perspective of the station platform. The 14 artwork panels, fabricated by Mosaika Art & Design, echo a sensory feeling of motion and sequential transition. Rendered in a bright palette and filled with contrasts of colour and form, the pieces create vignettes that weave together references of backyard windows, sidewalk market displays, and juxtapose nature with the urban environment. The multi-faceted and graphic artwork is a lively, celebratory and playful experience for the passengers that use the 20th Ave Station.