EMILY FROMM- Four Corners

Four Corners: Castro, Chinatown, Bay Bridge, Mission Street © Emily Fromm 2019, four 8′ x 8′ Byzantine glass smalti mosaic panels, south end of Harvey Milk Terminal 1 in the Departures level, San Francisco International Airport, San Francisco CA


Emily Fromm created four mosaic murals that illustrate some of San Francisco’s most colourful districts: the Mission and Castro districts, the Embarcadero, and Chinatown. Each artwork highlights the beauty and history of San Francisco with details that speak to the vibrant character of each neighbourhood including some of San Francisco’s most famous establishments, like the Castro Theatre. Her intention was to create a sense of what it is like to walk down the City’s streets, providing a first-look into the city for visitors as they arrive or a farewell glance before they leave.

photos: Alán González-Suman

video: Jacob Charles Riley

4 corners_wide angle

www.48hills.org/2021/06/Murals Come to SFO Airport