LYSE LEMIEUX- Personnages

Personnages, The Pacific by Grosvenor, Vancouver, BC © Lyse Lemieux 2020

Commissioned by Grosvenor Americas for The City of Vancouver’s Public Art Program

Photo credit: Provoque Studios, courtesy of the artist.

A series of nine mosaics made of tumbled and un-tumbled smalti glass.

The figures range from 19.48’ to 23.42’ in height by 6.62’ to 7.92’ in width.

  • How many mosaic tiles were used to create Personnages?

Approximately 1 million mosaic tiles were used to create Personnages!

  • Total number of project hours?

It took over 9,000 hours, or 375 days, to complete the project.

Lyse Lemieux is a Canadian artist who works in a variety of mediums—including drawing, sculpting, painting and installation.

She has been contributing to the national art scene since the 1970s and her practice balances abstraction and representation as it relates to the human form.

PERSONNAGES bears witness to our unremarkable quotidian and our extraordinary shared existence.”

– Lyse Lemieux

Personnages – The Pacific Public Art

Watch and listen to the artist, the architect Maxime Frappier and the Project Mgr & Developer, Michael Burak discuss the project

ACDF Architecture- Grosvenor Pacific, Vancouver BC

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