MARIA BERRIO- There is Magic Underneath it All

There is Magic Underneath it All © Maria Berrio 2018, hand-formed, hand-glazed ceramic tile, NYCT Fort Hamilton Pkwy Station, Sea Beach Line, Brooklyn NY

Commissioned by MTA Arts & Design

Photos: Jeanette May


There is Magic Underneath it All” (2019) is Maria Berrio’s newly installed whimsical artwork at the Fort Hamilton Pkwy (N/W) station on the Sea Beach Line in Brooklyn. Evocative of journeys made by travelers who may have immigrated from another country, or traveled to a new place, the artist strives to inspire and remind subway passengers that they are in the realm of possibility, beauty and magic. Translated from Berrio’s series of collaged paintings that use patterned papers to build fantastical compositions, Mosaika Art & Design created this series of fourteen glass and ceramic mosaic panels with intricate texture and rich color.