MYFANWY MACLEOD- Cosmos (I Am As Constant As The Northern Star)

Cosmos ( I Am As Constant As The Northern Star), © Myfanwy Macleod 2022, West  Elevation:  377.25”  x  176.75” / North Elevation:  261.00”   x  176.75”, tumbled Byzantine glass smalti tile, Polaris@Metrotown, Burnaby BC

“Knowing where you are in the world is fundamental to knowing who you are. Cosmos (I am as constant as the northern star), a celestial cornerstone of the night sky in glass mosaic, is inspired by the renewed interest in navigating by the stars. As one of the brighter stars close to the celestial pole, Polaris was used for navigation at least from late antiquity, and described as aei phanēs “always visible” by Stobaeus (5th century)…. This mosaic places the stars within our reach and allows the public to locate themselves in time and space.”

Photo credit: Blaine Campbell