RAÙL COLÒN- Primavera

Primavera © Raúl Colón 2003, hand-glazed ceramic tile, 1 Train subway station, IRT West Side Line, W. 191st Street & St. Nicholas Avenue, New York NY

www.nycsubway.org/ Primavera

The artist visited the Washington Heights community and saw a diverse neighborhood, filled with children. His response was a glass mosaic of a soaring couple dancing in an idyllic landscape and two faceted glass windows of children at play. The artist says that he wanted something that would be uplifting and that he was inspired by the imagery and symbolism of early Renaissance murals, especially those of Piero della Francesca, known for their serenity and clarity. According to artist Raúl Colón, “The couple represented dancing is ethnically diverse….”









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I saw this mural in autumn 2012 and suddenly something warm inside of me was wellcome, Today in argentina still remember this amazing and beauty art, thanks raul.

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