TERESITA FERNÀNDEZ- Caribbean Cosmos (Earth)

Caribbean Cosmos(Earth), © Teresita Fernàndez 2023, hand-glazed ceramic tile, 96″ x 192″

“In Soil Horizon, the artist turns inward, to the elusive and numinous landscapes we carry within.”

“The exhibition takes its title from a geology term used to describe the horizontal layers that make up what we consider earth, from the matrix of bedrock to the topmost layer of fertile soil. Each layer, or “horizon,” has its own unique material characteristics, and, like a portrait of a place, each demarcates the chronology, or life, of the land whose soil profile it constitutes. Here, the term “soil horizon” is used metaphorically to imagine what is buried, in transition, or yet to emerge. In this exhibition Fernández contemplates the ground, asserting that living landscapes are conceptually “stacked” —embodying not only what we see around us, but also the many subtle and accumulated layers of time, events, and matter that are always above and below, obscured beyond the limits of our immediate primary perception.”

Soil Horizon also features Caribbean Cosmos(Earth), the newest work in Fernández’s Caribbean Cosmos series. Composed of thousands of tiny ceramic tesserae, Caribbean Cosmos(Earth) is legible on both a micro and macro level, shifting between the exquisite details of each lush tile and the immense cosmic field that can be read as vast planetary reference points. In Caribbean Cosmos(Earth) and across each work in the exhibition, Fernández’s intuitive understanding of scale, and how its manipulation can function to create a sense of intimacy, is evident. “