Caribbean Cosmos, © Teresita Fernàndez 2022, hand- glazed ceramic, 72″ x 144″


Caribbean Cosmos, © Teresita Fernàndez 2020, glazed ceramic, 96″ x 192″

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photo: Elisabeth Bernstein

photo: Elisabeth Bernstein

Teresita Fernández Depicts Caribbean Colonialism and Eco-Trauma

“…“Caribbean Cosmos” (2020), is a dramatic 8 by 16-foot glazed ceramic mosaic that depicts tan vortices breaking through inky darkness. It evokes both celestial galaxies and aerial views of earthbound storms. Though aestheticized supra-human vantages can sometimes appear grandiose, “Caribbean Cosmos” succeeds by virtue of its engrossing details. Its lustrous, mottled tesserae are a cornucopian delight of color — from sea green to blood red to coral pink — so varied you might wonder how the tiles manage to coalesce into a harmonious gestalt when viewed from afar.” – Louis Bury

Teresita Fernández, Caribbean Cosmos from Lehmann Maupin on Vimeo

videos courtesy the artist and Lehmann Maupin, New York, Hong Kong, Seoul and London

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