Viñales (Chasm), © Teresita Fernández 2021- 2022, glazed ceramic, 72 x 144 x 1.5 “


The most recent collaboration between Mosaika Art & Design and Teresita Fernández.

Viñales (Chasm) (2021-2022), a new, large-scale glazed ceramic panel revealing mineral-like, subterranean views that appear both immense and intimate. Used since prehistoric times, the cave system in the Viñales Valley, Cuba was once occupied by Taino indigenous people before colonization. Later, in colonial times, the caves served as natural refuges for enslaved individuals escaping from surrounding plantations, fleeing for freedom and forming small communes by hiding in the caves by day.

Viñales (Chasm) is assembled with hundreds of thousands of tiny, individual pieces of glazed ceramic that are lustrous and vitreous, catching the natural light as well as the viewer’s own reflection superimposed on the scene; the work functions like a dark mirror that insinuates the viewer as a figure in this landscape.

credit: Lehmann Maupin installation view

Teresita Fernández New York April 30 – May 21, 2022

TEFAF New York 2022: press release

TERESITA FERNÁNDEZ, VIÑALES (AERIAL), VIÑALES (SUBTERRANEAN), VIÑALES (PRECIPICE),  2015, New York, New York, 3 panels, 72″ x 144″ x 1.5″ each, hand-formed and glazed ceramic tile

For this riveting body of work, Fernández was inspired by the Viñales Valley, an iconic and surreal landscape with extensive caves in rural Cuba, and the variations found in malachite.

Photo credit: All photos were taken by Elisabeth Bernstein. Art Basel Miami booth by EPW Studio/Maris Hutchinson. All images are courtesy of the artist and Lehmann Maupin Gallery, New York and Hong Kong.

VIÑALES (Aerial)

Teresita Fernandez Viñales mosaic-(Aerial)-001



Teresita Fernandez Viñales mosaic detail-(Aerial)-det03

VIÑALES (Subterranean)



Teresita Fernandez Viñales mosaic detail-(Subterranean)-det03

VIÑALES (Precipice)

Teresita Fernandez Viñales mosaic-(Precipice)-01



Teresita Fernández in conversation with Isolde Brielmaier – December 12, 2015 from Lehmann Maupin on Vimeo.

Wikipedia- Teresita Fernández


Where & how are ceramic tiles of Teresita Fernandez’s are made?
The process & location of her tile making?

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