Night Writing ©Teresita Fernández 2018, glazed ceramic, site-specific installation in two parts, Park Tower at Trans Bay Building, San Francisco, CA

Interior panel: 30 feet 3 inches tall x 27 feet 7 3/8 inches wide

Exterior panel: 36 feet 3 inches tall x 54 feet 10 inches wide

Photographer: Chris Tipton-King, San Francisco

Courtesy of the artist and Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Francisco

At the base of the Trans Bay Park Tower is a covered 3,600-square-foot plaza with a 35-foot-high ceiling. A major focal point of this indoor/ outdoor space is a large, site-specific art installation, entitled “Night Writing” by Teresita Fernandez, which is integrated into the main wall of the tower’s core, inside and out.

Based on an earlier series of the same name, the title of Night Writing is a reference to “Ecriture Nocturne,” a secret code written in the early 19th century to enable Napoleon’s soldiers to communicate at night, silently and without light.

“Teresita Fernández creates works that evoke the dramatic and universal experience of looking at the night sky.”

Lehmann Maupin press release

@Mosaika Art& Design

“Humans have always looked up for information. Like a vast billboard, the night sky has always been read and scanned for revelation, direction and guidance. The stars have always served as coordinates that ground us to a physical location and time; they offer a sensual orientation,” writes Fernández, whose enlightening essay, both historical and personal, documents her research and sheds light on this subject.